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RABITA Group- Industrial Products Division is a supplier of welding consumables and equipment for every welding and cutting process and application for all types and welder’s safety gears and equipments. We are ready to handle your requirements – large and small alike.

Aramco Vendor Code  : 10029921
Sabic Vendor Number : 504477
CR Registration           : 2051027504

We do business in the following areas:

Welding Machines
Welding and Cutting Equipments
Welding Consumables
Welding Accessories and Welding Ovens
Fire Blankets
Welding Leather Safety Gears & Equipments
Grinding and Cutting Disk

Our product lines include oxy-fuel welding and cutting torches and regulators, plasma arc cutting and welding systems, arc welding power supplies, hard facing and welding alloys, wide array manual and semi-automatic arc welding torches, tips and accessories, and high pressure gas control products. For all process involved in welding cutting and coating, we provide a complete range of gas equipment, including regulators, manifolds, safety equipment, handling equipment for cylinders and process equipment .

We cover products for the full range of arc welding processes for STICK, TIG and MIG machines, Multi-Process welders, engine driven welding generators and accessory products which include wire feeders, welding consumables and related services.

The scope of products allows the company to serve industries ranging from petrochemicals, oil refineries, transportation and construction to mining, energy exploration and full range of manufacturing areas.

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Welding Torches

WELDZONE is a first factory that has an idea of making it possible to built one of the first ever FCAW & GTAW Torches and accessories here in Saudi Arabia for all your types of welding.

WELDZONE is the first factory designed to meet a wide range of TIG & MIG welding needs. WELDZONE WZ Series includes quality air cooled,water cooled torches and accessories for both general & specialty application. Each torches is manufactured with the finest materials to ensure highest standards of reliability, consistency and performance – no matter how critical or demanding the application. Has interchangeableparts for most brands.

WELDZONE is a Saudi German Welding Equipment Factoryoffering a full line of TIG and MIG Torches & Accessories for your different types of FCAW & GTAW welding machines ( Air cooled & Water cooled Type ). Our innovative products are designed to save money,increasing production and ensuring delivery within 24 hours time.


Our product range is wide and diverse. We supply cutting and grinding wheels, flap disc, emery cloth, diamond tolls, ceramic bonded abrasives and brushes and more Industrial Machines, tools and accessories

Welding Safety Gears & Equipments

A. Leather safety gears for all types.

Exclusively manufactured in PAKISTAN working gloves, welding gloves, tig gloves, welding apron, welding jacket, welding sleeves, welder’s clothing etc...


Welding blanket is made of fiberglass fabric. It is an ideal replacement for asbestos product using for thermal insulation and heat protection. It can resist burn, rot, mildew, deterioration and most acids. It is suitable for temperature up to 550°C. Welding blankets are designed to be helpful for protecting employees from welding hazards. 

Various treatments are available such as graphite coating, vermiculite coating and heat treatment. With these treatments, the welding blankets given higher temperature resistance reduce the tendency for molten metal to penetrate the cloth and improve abrasion. Blanket with different size and thickness can be fabricated to meet specific requirements


Safety blankets can be used to protect equipment and personnel from welding operation, can improve the security of welding operation.
We can produce different size of the safety blankets according different order. 
We have our own brand name which will provide you best quality and services. We supply fireblankets for your required sizes.

Welding Masks/Faceshields

Our range of products carries full standards mark compliance to AS/NZS 1337. This ensures you have FACE protection as well as eye protection (eye protection to AS/AZS 1338.1)   

Frost resistance down to -30 Degree Celsius
Helmet shell and flip-up lid/visor UV-protected
Unique fresh air system: air is conducted within helmet with 2 outer air channels. This prevents annoying and unpleasant draught to welder’s eyes, causing dry eye. Although it give a pleasant feeling of over pressure.
Meets requirement of EN 175 ( X7000 meets EN 175B)

Welding Consumables

We are the exclusive distributor of WIPWELD welding consumables made in the Philippines, SMP welding consumables of SeAH Group which is made in Korea and CIGWELD form Australia which covers SMAW, GTAW and FCAW for all of your welding needs.

Welder’s Consumables and accessories

We supply consumables for all types of welding;Electrode Holders, Earth Clamp, Welding Cables, Ceramic Cups, Nozzles, Tig Torches, Power Cables, Tungsten Electrodes, collet, collet body, cup brush, wire brush, mig guns, diffuser, liners etc...

Our Company Brand names:

(RGI)- Welder’s Leather Protection
(Gulflex) - cutting discs and grinding discs


WIPWELD, Philippines (www.wipweld.com)
Powerhouse Abrasives, Mexico, China
WINNER Tungsten Electrodes, China (/www.wqtb.com)
SMP, SeAH Group Korea (ww.esab.co.kr
EWS(TIG ZONE, MIGZONE) European Welding Services-gmbh GERMANY
CK Worldwide Inc., U.S.A.

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