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RABITA Group- Industrial Products Division is a supplier of welding consumables and equipment for every welding and cutting process and application for all types and welder’s safety gears and equipments. We are ready to handle your requirements – large and small alike. WELDZONE is the first factory we build for tig torches and accessories for your welding needs.

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WELDZONE is a newly established factory. WELDZONE is first ever FCAW & GTAW Torches and accessories factory here in Saudi Arabia for your all types of welding torches.

WELDZONE designed to meet a wide range of TIG & MIG welding needs.

WELDZONE WZ Series includes quality air cooled, water cooled torches and accessories for both general & specialty application. Each torches is manufactured with the finest materials to ensure highest standards of reliability, consistency and performance – no matter how critical or demanding application.

WELDZONE has interchangeable parts with most of the brands.


WELDZONE is a Saudi German Welding Equipment Factory offers a full line of TIG and MIG Torches & Accessories for your different types of FCAW & GTAW welding machines ( Air cooled & Water cooled Type ).

Our innovative products are designed to save money, increase production and delivery within 24 hours time.

WZ -9 & 9F Series Water Cooled Euro Connection

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WZ 9 Series

WZ 9F Serie;

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FKS 500

WZ -17 & 17F Series Gas Cooled Euro Connection

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WZ 17 Series


WZ 17F Serie;

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SB150 G

WZ –18 Series Gas Cooled Miller Connection

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WZ 18 Series


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TRG 250

WZ – 20 Series Gas Cooled Lincoln Connection

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WZ 20 Series


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BND 200

WZ- 26 & 26F Series Gas Cooled Hobart Connection

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WZ 26 Series


WZ 26F Serie

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TWC 160

WZ – AQ 310 Series  

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WZ AQ 310



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