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Some of the applications commonly deployed on the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform include:

Financial Analysis:

P&L reporting / Profitability Analysis/ Budget Analysis.

Risk Analysis:

Credit Risk Analysis / Exceptions Alerting / Loan Analysis / Profiling and Trend Detection.

Sales Performance Analysis:

Market Basket Analysis / Geographic Analysis / Commission Reporting

Customer Relationship Management:

Customer Segmentation / Customer Analysis / Web Business Analysis

Supply Chain Management:

Inventory Analysis / Trade Funds Analysis / Distribution Cost

Vendor Performance Analysis:

SLA Reporting / Chargeback Analysis / Contribution Analysis

Asset Management :

Channel Management / Capital Budgeting / Portfolio Analysis

Operations Analysis:

Web Traffic Analysis / Compliance Reporting / Store Operations Analysis

With the MicroStrategy business intelligence platform, IT departments are able to provide users the ability to perform any of the 5 styles of business intelligence when they demand it. From simple ad hoc query to information delivery or enterprise reporting, MicroStrategy is the only business intelligence platform flexible enough to suit every business need.

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