RABITA - About Us

RABITA™ established in 2002 by Mr.Abdulaziz AlWabli. RABITA Group is developing in to a industrial conglomerate in its business activities in the areas of Information Technology, Industrial products supply, office automation & supplies, Trading & Contracting,Engineering Service and Manufacturing. Group's Subsidiaries, Joint Ventures and associated companies delivers solution and services.

RABITA Group companies are committed to provide its customers with products & service for planning, building, securing and managing world-class business solutions to enable them to achieve business success and protect their investment. Today, the Group consists of wholly-owned subsidiaries, joint ventures, and associated companies, and continues to seek further strategic alliances and business partnerships through which to extend its operations. In today's Business world with stiff competition in all spheres of business, customers take a vital role in the success of any business, and RABITA wholly dedicates to "Customer Satisfaction", knowing that this will go hand-in-hand with Company's growth. All members of the Group strive their best in their field to contribute the Group status as a trusted supplier of high quality products and services to their customers in the Saudi Arabian region.

To exceed every expectations of both internal and external businesses partners and excel in our services without compromising on quality, integrity and human values.
Vision : 
Be a reliable service & product and continuously provide best solutions and products using latest innovative technologies in the world. .
Our People :

People with extra ordinary levels of innovation, creativity and energy eager to tackle the challenges of the rapidly changing market landscape, people who share the belief that a result oriented, interdisciplinary approach is required for success.

We provide a professional working environment, professional management and wide opportunities to train and learn

Business Approach :
Our professional approach to our customers is based on high-end technology, productivity, reliability, scalability, ease of use are the key strength of RABITA. Our clients can find these qualities in our product and services. our portfolio is to derive real value added solutions for their investments.
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